The beliefs and values contained in this code of ethics have been the same for forty years, representing the guiding line on which our Business has laid the foundation.

Here below, you will find them described in exhaustive and understandable way, in a document that also sets out the principles and rules of loyal behavior of those who have economic and commercial relations with Melius Catering S.p.A.

This codification in our guidelines should promote the achievement of universally shared objectives:

  • To stimulate and implement the sense of constructive coexistence, through the common perception that everyone deserves respect and protection for behaviors arising from shared values, even in the divergence of opinions, political diversity, race and gender.
  • To improve and legitimize the mission of a company in producing welfare and development in the indispensable condition of social solidarity, sustainability production, protecting the eco-systems, enhancing engagement through equitable rewards, enhancing the sense of responsibility and empowerment for the best interests of the territorial stability, and social.

This document reports with faithful codification the rules, values and behaviors that for more than forty years have represented the most valuable patrimonial value of Melius Catering spa.  For years it has represented and still represents the most convenient deal for those who have industrial and economic relations with this Company, which has always made the trust and credit received risk-free.

The Sole Administrator

Dr. Gian Michele Crescenzo

The Code of Ethics is a charter of the rights and duties that includes burdens and honors, operational and executive rights and obligations for all levels of management responsibilities, not excluding legal and socially shared behavior for those who are part of Melius Catering S.p.A.

The values, behaviors, principles expressed in our Vision, for a socio-productive Mission find legitimacy and validity in the drafting of this document, as well as universally protected and recognized values of democracy and globalization.

The constant innovation and the application of the code by company's top management, middle management, as well as employees have a key role to strengthen the reliability, reputation, proud spirit of belonging to the company which is committed to successfully face the challenges of the future through the work and the rigour of production of all.

For these reasons, infringement and lack of transparency in the application of the Code of Ethics, including the untimely activation of the internal control system will result in the application of sanctions defined below.

All interested parties are called upon to read, approve and fully subscribe to the Code of Ethics in all its parts.

The violation of the rules outlined here, as well as negligence in the execution of the provisions of service, a repeated failure to respect of production procedures, or protocols of food security will be liable to disciplinary actions which may also result in the termination of the employment relationship and/or the interruption of trade relations, as well as the refund request.

The ethics of behavior in business and production is a fundamental value for us and it is a responsibility that everyone must share in this society.

All claimants in this business have an obligation and responsibility to protect our most valuable asset: reputation and loyalty in business.

This Code of Ethics (hereafter, simply "the Code") must be observed by all those who carry out activities on behalf of the Melius Catering S.p.A., including managers, officers, employees, agents, representatives, contractors, suppliers and consultants (hereafter, simply "Interested Parties").

It aims to address the assumption of responsibility in legal and ethical matters, to discourage from misconduct and to ensure and promote:

  • Compliance with laws, rules and regulations in force, internal provisions of production and safety at work.
  • An honest and ethical conduct, which includes the correctness of the management of real or potential conflicts of interest in the context of personal, professional, economic relationships, etc;
  • The integrity and real objectivity of financial information, which can influence the decisions of management, shareholders, the board of statutory auditors, as well as the distorted perception and evaluation that the outside world has of our society.
  • The complete, correct, transparency in the reports and accuracy of the documents that we put to the acts or send to the governmental authorities or requested by the public administration.

The primary purpose of Melius Catering S.p.A. is to create value for shareholders, industrial and financial strategies, and well-being for those who work there and engage with intelligence, efficiency and dedication to business progress.

For this purpose, the company and all human and professional resources under its control, services contractors and in-house production contractors must comply without derogations and partiality with the following principles set out.

  • Comply with all applicable laws in the countries where we conduct our business and apply all commonly recognized principles of business fairness such as transparency, honesty and loyalty;
  • Reject any involvement in behaviors that are illegitimate, unfair, or otherwise questionable in respect of the community, public authorities, customers, employees, investors and competitors, and achieve economic goals only with the excellence of the performance, quality, competitiveness of products and services, based on customer satisfaction and market;
  • We condemn unfair competition and the exploitation of Labour, which relentlessly undermine security, motivation, freedom and above all human dignity, as well as the function of the social character of private initiative;
  • Transparency and objectives of accounting entries to guarantee investors and the community on the regularity of our activities; we pursue excellence, innovation and competitiveness on the market, offering services and products always requested by customers;
  • We protect, retrain and reward the value of all our employees; we respect the environment and invest in energy saving by using natural resources responsibly, with the aim of achieving sustainable development and respecting the rights of future generations. Producing in an environmentally friendly way is more than a duty, it is a necessity.

The entire capital of the share package together with the industrial structures are held by the Crescenzo family, which has already handled and solved the problem of generational turnover for a long time.

In fact, in the company organization chart, Dr. Gian Michele Crescenzo currently holds the position of Sole Administrator and Dr. Alessio Salvatore Crescenzo holds the position of Sole Director.

Both with decades of experience in the leadership and management of the company in all strategic sectors of the business: financial, sales network, merchandise and production.

Melius Catering S.p.A. has launched an important investment in the industrial area of the municipality of Sarno, where important and substantial plants will be built for the next few years, as proof of the assumption of responsibility for a continuous and sustainable development towards the territory and its employees.

In all sectors of the catering industry there are now needs for quality and services (even with daily continuity) that represent the keystone of customer confidence.

The excellence of the products and services offered by Melius Catering S.p.A. in terms of safety and convenience standards are a guarantee of reliability and professionalism.

The company stands out for its attention to customers by carrying out all the processing required for both meat and fresh fish with readiness of service, continuity and quality always beyond expectations.

We therefore seek to ensure an immediate, qualified and satisfying response to the needs of the customer, adding fairness, courtesy and spirit of collaboration.

Finally, we offer advisory and innovative expertise for new culinary solutions through products of excellence of the small territorial diversity of the peninsula and of international ethnicities.

Melius Catering S.p.A. recognizes the centrality of the role of "Human Resources" as an essential factor for the success of its activities. The professional contribution of employees, in a context of mutual loyalty and trust, is therefore considered a decisive element for the development of production and sustainable growth.

The company protects the safety and health of work environments and considers fundamental the respect for workers' rights. At the same time it requires motivation and responsibility in carrying out their duties.

For the current production needs it is essential to follow all technological developments, to proceed with training and renewal of increasingly specific skills related to development programs.

Melius Catering S.p.A. protects and implements healthy principles of behavior that commit all our preparation, intelligence and will to work with passion, enthusiasm and positive energy.

The company values the professional commitment necessary to allow all internal and external employees to exercise their skills, to use their experiences, to carry out their tasks and to improve over time.

An adequate professional commitment is essential for the achievement of our health and safety objectives, as well as pollution prevention while respecting the external environment.

Respect for people is fundamental for the realization of business activities and can not ignore the professional and individual development of each.

For this reason it is necessary that everyone works in coherence, transparency and responsibility, favoring teamwork and expressing their positivity.

We achieve our goals by working in a healthy environment, with total respect for the people who work there without discrimination of race, gender, cultural and political.

Each employee is required to work diligently in order to protect physical and intangible company assets, including computer applications, using them scrupulously and sparingly and avoiding improper and/or personal use contrary to the interests of the company. Any damage to instruments, equipment or machinery must be reported immediately by the department manager. In the absence of this report, the quantification of the damage will be charged at a weighted altitude to all the components of the department itself.

Melius Catering S.p.A. has been implementing sustainable energy and plant choices for a decade.

The levels of pollution achieved and the consequent impact on the climate, no longer allow exceptions to the assumption of more responsible attitudes regarding the use of resources, production systems and waste treatment, both in production and in differentiated recycling.

The company has built its own plants by implementing energy savings in all production departments, starting from the doubling of the insulating thicknesses of all sixteen cold stores of which the plant is made up.

It also self-produces thermal, electrical and refrigeration energy with a trigeneration system, by using methane. All refrigeration systems use hot process gas to defrost, recovering energy for more than 3,000 kw daily and avoiding the production of 200,000 kg of CO2.

In addition, its entire fleet of twenty-two vehicles has been converted to methane for a decade, anticipating the European directives of 2014-94-EU.

Melius Catering S.p.A. in the light of the achieved results, does not consider eco-sustainability as an additional cost to its products, instead as a savings and a new form of business that creates growth and development.

Melius Catering S.p.A., its corporate and administrative bodies, employees, advisers and suppliers, undertake to strictly respect this Code of Ethics.

The violation of its rules, policies and procedures, issued for its implementation and execution, as well as the violation of other application policies or any applicable law and rule, will be ground for serious disciplinary sanctions, including the possible termination of the employment relationship and interruption of the business relationship.

Anyone is obliged to report to the administrative body, not anonymously, the violation or alleged non-compliance with the principles and rules of the Code of Ethics. Failure to comply with this obligation will legitimize the company to apply severe disciplinary sanctions against the manager(s), and in serious cases, to the withdrawal of the trust granted and the consequent resignation or dismissal for gross negligence.

Any form of retaliation against those who have reported possible violations of the Code or requests for clarification on its application methods, also constitutes a violation of the Code of Ethics.

The Company, to protect its image and to safeguard its resources, will not enter into any relations with any persons who do not intend to operate in strict compliance with the current legislation, and/or that refuse to behave according to the values and principles of the Code of Ethics by not following the procedures and principles.

The executives and the intermediates, employees and external collaborators must know and implement the company policies in the field of management of sensitive data, information security, including those in electronic form, ensuring integrity, security and confidentiality.

Employees of any level who become aware of information not in the public domain concerning customers, suppliers, advisers, must use the utmost caution, protection and care in their use, avoiding disclosure to unauthorized persons, both inside and outside the company. This obligation shall remain in force even after the termination, for any reason, of the employment relationship.

All information obtained by the employee in relation to its task is the exclusive property of Melius Catering S.p.A., and is treated in full respect of the provisions of the law on privacy, protected as a private property, both material and immaterial, in accordance with the legislation in force.

The company's assets are the sources of supply identified on international and national markets, any production technique and protocol in the meat and fish sector.

All offices, department managers and workers have the obligation not to disseminate them outside the company, nor to make copies of them for non-company uses.

They have the obligation to monitor and report to the administrative body any dissemination of sensitive data or even only attempts to duplicate and subtract data for uses contrary to the company's objectives and contrary to the aforementioned directives.

Infringement and negligence that disregarded in whole or in part the rules on confidentiality of privacy, processing procedures, protocols for    

food safety and risk prevention system, are to be understood as gross negligence and will obtain the revocation of trust with immediate activation of the procedure for the termination of the employment relationship.

The company Melius Catering S.p.A., while assessing the behavioral gravity in reference to the economic damage derived, will proceed against the offenders also in criminal terms if the case contemplates it.

Violations of the Code of Ethics are classified according to a growing principle of gravity determined by the extent that the material and intangible damage entails in terms of:

  1. Food Safety
  2. Safety at work
  3. Non-conforming production quality
  4. Actions against reputation and corporate image
  5. Actions against reliability
  6. Disclosure of sensitive data
  7. Insubordination with managers, middles and head of departments
  8. Instigating and incitement against quiet living
  9. Inefficiency and poor motivation
  10. Negligent use of machinery
  11. Poor productivity
  12. Disapplication of company directives
  13. Non-integration into teamwork

For violations ascertained and approved by the shareholders' meeting, which are configured according to the above-mentioned list of classification of gravity from n.1 to n.9, the person liable is notified of the immediate act of withdrawal of the trust and placement in different job function available.

By subsequent notification, the company will quantify through an official diligence by a qualified professional, the quantification of the economic damage to be compensated.

If the severity of the violation is such that it does not configure the continuation of the employment relationship, the company will pursue the path of dismissal for just cause.

The violations of the Code of Ethics that fall into those listed from point 10 to point 11, unless the same do not constitute blatant unproductivity or actions contrary to the corporate interests, the company will proceed against the responsible persons through the notification of a censure and the compensation of the damage to be compensated with economic withholding spread over three months.

If the determination of the violation is a blatant insubordination and irresponsibility with implications that, if not intercepted and neutralized, they could seriously compromise the reliability, the level of quality, as well as the reputation of the company, derating the prestige and the professionalism of the business, the company, also in this case, will apply in immediate termination of the employment relationship for just cause.

In the presence of established damage, both commercial and of image, the person responsible must also respond to a request for financial compensation and moral damage.

Amendments to this code of ethics must be approved by the shareholders' meeting at the request of the majority of the share capital or the Sole Director.

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